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Game Jams

Once in a while there is a Game Jam named RGG Jam. It’s a competition where you have to create a game from scratch in a set amount of time. The game that wins will be featured in a video on this channel. You can read more on our discord server.

When is the next RGG Jam?



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RGG Jam 2021.1


How to make movement like an airplane in 2D?

There is no doubt that each of you has played a 2D game with airplanes. Today we’ll show you how to program such aircraft movement in Unity. STEP 1 – Make your own plane As a first step you should create your aircraft, which you will later control. As in the previous tutorials, choose a […]

How to make the gravity of a planet in 2D?

I’m sure you’ve seen a game where a planet with its own gravity was used. In fact, this effect is actually simpler than you probably think. So how to do it? STEP 1 – Create a planet The first thing we should do is to create a planet that will attract our objects. Don’t forget […]

Let’s get started: How to 2D player movement?

Every beginner in game development occasionally runs into the problem of how to get player to move and jump. There are several ways to move a player or object in Unity, but today we’ll show just one. STEP 1 – Create a player The very first thing we need to do is to create our […]